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I'm a Marketing Manager at Squared Online! Huge fan of Gregory Crewdson photography and scuba diving.
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How to stay ahead of the curve and maximize AR revenue

This Squared Online white paper explores how to improve current processes and deliver a disruptive edge to the Telecommunications industry. 

A huge congratulations to March 2018 Squares Omar Kabbara, Ana Horta and Gambar Oruj, for creating this superb this piece of work. Discover various insights into how AR can innovate the sector by reading on...

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64 Awesome Digital Marketing Tools & What They’re Useful For

Getting started in digital marketing can be a daunting experience. With so many marketing tools available, how can you know what you’ll need for a task? We’ve curated 64 of the best tools, blogs and browser extensions, categorised by work type and skill-set, so you can get things done without getting lost in the thousands of software options available.

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"Squared Online became addictive - I really wanted to do it"

Nicholas Smith | Squared Online Graduate | Hong Kong 2018 

Squared Online grad, Nicholas Smith, is the General Manager of 5-star hotel brand Kerry Hotels, by Shangri-LaThe impact that studying Squared Online had on the way he works is truly inspirational, so we wanted to share it with you!

I really threw myself in. remember celebrating the opening of our new Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong mid-way through Module 4 of my Squared Online journey. I even managed to attend the live class that night...

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"Your learning continues after Squared Online has finished"

Joshua Hyatt | Squared Online Graduate | UK 2018

This week I had the pleasure of catching up with Squared Online grad, Joshua Hyatt. Below, he shares what Squared Online has done for both his career progression and the success of the company he works with:  Jellyfish Connect .

Jellyfish Connect is a specialist company within the Jellyfish Group offering their magazine, newspaper and subscription box clients the very best in subscription marketing and management. 

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Squared Online Review: Head of Digital marketing, Manulife, Vietnam

Squared Online is the award-winning digital marketing leadership course developed with Google and powered by AVADO. The programme is designed to build leadership and collaboration skills through an interactive and hands-on approach and helps marketers develop their knowledge and confidence in all things digital.

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March of the Chatbots: How Chatbots Will Disrupt the Media and Marketing Industry

We have another top 3 whitepaper by one of our amazing Squared Online Module 5 groups. A huge congratulations to Colin Atkins, Rocel Junio, Abigail Dede, Andrew Hutton, Ian Godfrey and Katie Boston for this outstanding paper on the rise of chatbot technology and its potential to disrupt the marketing sector.

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Shaking up the Engineering Industry | The Potential of 3D Printing

Another top 3 whitepaper by one of our fantastic Squared Online Module 5 groups. Congratulations to Winnie Namboyera, Lewis Bostock, Rebecca Benson, Carlotta Serantoni, Katherine Jamieson and Janet Titterton, for this stellar piece of work on how 3D printing could truly disrupt how Engineering companies work. 

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How can Smart-Remote Diagnostics change the Healthcare Industry?

During the course, Squares are asked to create a whitepaper on how future digital trends will impact an industry. The top 3 from each cohort are published on this blog to share their exciting research with all of you!

Congratulations to Group 17 for this amazing paper on smart-remote diagnostics in the healthcare industry. Team members include Kantar's Anja Milosavljevic, Maciej Wojnarowski, Vanessa Iglesias Garcia, Ignacio Fernandez Gaspar, Virginia Garavaglia, Markus Eberl, Ana Monteiro, Lindsay Kunkle and Prasad Viswanath, from various locations, including: Poland, the UK, Spain, Germany, Brazil and the USA!

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5 top tips | Which digital marketing skills will help to boost my career?

A couple of years after graduating, and after successfully completing Squared Online, James Wragg has changed the shape of his career and the organisation he works for. Below, he shares his story and 5 key digital marketing skills which helped boost his career... 

In his own words: 

Straight out of university, I began the role of Digital Marketing Manager with Student Cribs - an innovative property management group specialising in sourcing, letting and refurbishing accommodation for UK-based students.   

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Squared Online | The Power of Voice | Changing the way we buy FMCGs

In the final module of Squared Online, Squares are tasked with producing a whitepaper on how future digital trends will impacts an industry. The top papers are shared on this blog to celebrate their success and share their hard efforts with all of you!

Congratulations to Group 51 for this wonderful piece of work which gained top marks in their cohort! Team members include: Allison Riehl, Hashem Chaballout, Jo Mazenko, Aaron Lord, Jimena Lombardi and Ingrid Mahdi from various locations, including: New York, UAE, UK and Argentina.

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